New Dragon Quest XI Screenshots

■ Towns

Towns are places where welcome information and convenient facilities gather.

Many people live in towns, and there are shops and convenient facilities. Listen to the people in town to gather information, buy equipment and items to ready yourself for your journey, and set off to your destination.

—Towns and villages have various cultures and natural features.

—There are bustling, lively towns where many people live as well.

—Listen to what people have to say to gather information, and even get traveling tips.

—You’ll be able to hear the voices of nearby people in the form of thought bubbles.

—Easily spot those with troubles by the purple bubble that appears in the text box.

—Weapon shops, inns, item shops, and churches make up some of the convenient facilities you can access in town.

■ Fields

Brand-New Monsters

—Lantern Kozou

Abandoned lanterns who over time became monsters. They seem to think that they will someday scorch the humans who threw them away.


A monster characterized by the fluff that protrudes from beneath its mask. It carries a huge needle that can fill anything with holes.


Fields span various environments, including meadows and snow lands, and feature a great variety of monsters. You may also find differences based on the time and weather, so be sure to explore every nook and corner.

—Meadows, plains, coves, and snow lands make up some of the game’s various fields.

—There are even monsters that appear at night.

—Sometimes you’ll move throw places with narrow footing and steep roads.

—You’ll find various items in places that sparkle. When you go to a glittering place, you can crush rocks to obtain ore, or shake trees to get fruit.

—You can ride a horse in the field to travel long journeys more comfortably and reach your destination sooner. When dashing in the PlayStation 4 version, you can blow away monsters with a ram.

■ Dungeons

Dungeons are dangerous places where many monsters live and valuable treasures lie dormant. Brutal boss monsters also lurk inside. Be sure to fully prepare yourself before challenging these areas.

—Dungeons consist of mysterious temples and caves, and many unforgiving trials.

—Traps and mechanisms will block your path. Put your wisdom and courage to the test.

—Watch out for pitfalls and other traps.

■ Camp

In the field, you can sometimes find the remains of bonfires, which are where the protagonist and company can set up camp. At camp, players can write in their adventure log, and rest and recover HP. It is a valuable resting point on long journeys.

—At camp, you can check up on your party and your next destination, and a traveling merchant will even visit.

■ New Character


“It is my mission to make the people of the world smile!”

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